About Quays

Aldcliffe first appears in the 1901 census although we believe the shop was built some years earlier.  In 1901 the building was occupied by a Mr Fred Tattersall and his family.  In the census fred is listed as a grocers manager born in Armley Yorkshire.  He lived with his with Sarah & 5 children.  This family may have been the first occupants at number 1 and since then the shop has been open and owner occupied until the final trading day of 2014.  Unable to compete with the local supermarkets the corner shop has been reinvented into Quays fish and chip shop, continuing the buildings commercial past into the future.

About Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips have been part of Britain food culture for over 100 years.  Battered fish & fried chipped potatoes were first sold together around 1860 although both London and Oldham lay claim to the first fish and chip shop. During WWII fish and chips was one of the few foods not subjected to rationing, mainly because it was Winston Churchill’s favourite meal.   Fish and Chips is actually a balanced nutritious meal, providing protein, fibre, iron, & vitamins.  Fish is a super food, it’s packed with minerals, vitamins and is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids.  The food standards Agency recommends at least 2 potions of fish per week as it is believed that fish can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, depression and arthritis, there is also believed to be benefits to the skin, eyes, lungs and brain, improving children’s concentration and behaviour.  Unlike many other takeaways, fish and chips do not contain artificial additives or preservatives and are relatively low in calories, with a small portion of fish, chips and pea’s only containing around 500 calories.  So what are you waiting for? Call in today for a healthy family meal.

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Quays Fish and Chips
1 Aldcliffe Place, Aldcliffe, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 1SS
Telephone: 07984 270 256
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